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HoK Acrobatics Show 【好思之家幼儿园杂技表演 】

Every year in September, a group of talented young people will fly to the US from Beijing and start their advanture. They are acrobatic artists from all over China and each year they bring mind blowing performance to students in America. This year on the 17th September, they got on the stage of HoK and presented a exzubrant show to the students as well as their parents.  

Lets Farm!【农耕季活动圆满成功】

The one hour indoor activity per week cannot full fill our customers’booming needs anymore. In order to enrich our customers' weekend life and to cover the need in our target market. Our company has completed a "Beijing Weekender" program, specifictarget at high end family who lives in Beijing. Our program located in outskirt of Beijing, villages, natural views and historical sights. The wonderful trip was themed as a "Farmers' Daily", and we organized short session classes, team based contest, handcraft projects and other mini activities according to the theme.  June.21.2015


FREE TRIP on the 8th and 9th July, APLLY NOW, Lets Farm!【“农耕季”活动免费名额招募】

Experience and FREE?! Let Sweet Memories Dance on Our Finger Tips! We will organize a free trip to promote our weekend programs in summer on 8th July,  We hope participants could have a better understanding of ourprogram and our service through this event . June.23.2015


Profound Mystery -- Explorers of Mountain Wulingxifeng【雾灵西峰—大自然的奥秘】

To be a wilderness Explorer, by seeking for secrets of diversified vegetations. Everyone could appreciated the magnificence of the mountain Wulingxifeng completely, with the first-rate travel service for YCIS delivered by DragonShow particularly. June.04-06.2014


Splendid Succulents Banquet【“多肉”盛宴】

Get your hands on fun! Succulents season is coming. The international school activities group of DragonShow joined in the early summer bazaar in BCA. May.23.2014



Come Back with Honors【载誉归来】

Congratulations! Completing more than one thousand performances and dozens of thousonds miles trip around USA, our Chinese acrobatic groups returned to the American head office fully loaded with high praise and tremendous popularity. June.18.2014


Our Photo Stories in California【加利福尼亚图片故事】

Great Fun! Great Shows! And Great People!


Wonderful ASA Exsihibition Show of BCA【北京常春藤国际学校ASA展示】

Get your hand on FUN! Feb. 18. 2014


Duiwich College Beijing Temple Fair! Great Fun!【北京德威英国国际学校庙会】

Beautiful Day! Dragonshow took part in the great Temple Fair fun at Beijing Rivera Country Club for the Duiwich College Beijing. Jan.25.2014



Wow! Chinese Acrobats! Well done!【中国杂技,干得漂亮】

Great Chinese Acrobatic Show at BIBA (Beijing International Bilingual Academy)delevered by DragonShow.Jan.24.2014 




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