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School Field Trip Project Leader:Mrs.Kim【教育旅行负责人:Kim】

Kim is my colleague, and I have known her at least 2 years. She used to study abroad and worked in a international travel agency, so she has a unique point of view for itinerary making. The entire itinerary can be designed for different demands. At the same time introduce cultural experience and educational purpose into the trip.

ASA Diploma【精彩ASA证书】

Dragonshow make a completely new diploma for the children this year. There are two kinds of diplomas according to the different ages. The children’s name, course’s name, date and teacher’s signature is written on it. The diploma is a way to encourage children and give children confidence. That can leave unforgettable memories to themselves in the future. Now the diploma is available in all the schools and kindergartens we work for.

Recommended Picture Book:Goldilocksand the Three Bears




Drama Teacher: Nathan【戏剧老师Nathan】

10 minutes of body warm-up. 10minutes of vocal warm-up: move the face, make silly sounds, some tongue twisters. Then because we are working on trying to tell stories. I was going to use the “Once upon a time" storytelling format to make 5 pictures that tell a complete story.

To play Once upon a time: Use the beginning words. "Once upon a time...., everyday....., until one day, because of that, until finally".

Use those to build a story. Then make a picture out of each part of the story.

What is our AMS? 【为什么使用AMS?】

What is our AMS?  

AMS (Album Memory of School) is a new service from us. It is the good, simple, safe and easy way for our teachers to share what's happening in our ASA classroom or field trip with students' parents. Photos directly from Polaroid Cameras safely to private AMS only parents can see, surely away from any social media, the internet and even our own teachers.

My Trip Album【旅行相册-与课程的结合】

Our trip album is not a simple photo gallery. More importantly it serves the purpose of a guide book which highlights the knowledge and activities related to the trip. Besides pasting photos in the album, we also encourage students to write, draw, collect on the trip. Be creative and sensitive is what we expect from all of our students who are on our trip. In each album we have covered the knowledge point from geography, history, language and culture related to the destination. Which all of them can be supplementary materials to students' classes at school. 

Children Drama Games【儿童戏剧游戏】

Drama Games helps children developing imagination, language and speaking skills, confidence, creative expression, cooperation and other social skills. In this club the teacher will use many ways to encourage the children to engage in dramatic play and the skills learned, such as self-discipline, responsibility, teamwork, setting goals, and concentration skills will be used throughout your child's life.Our Children Drama course is now available in BCIS and MSB.



Secret Of Tie Dye 【 染之奥秘】

Tie-dying is a lot of fun. This is not just a fashion statement but it's a science experiment, and it also creates magic. We will make the Tie-dying to be as easy as 1-2-3! Children will learn and experience kinds of tie-dying methods and crazy about what they work out. Our Secret Of Tie Dye course is now available in Daystar,BCIS,MSB,YCIS.


Recommended Picture Book:There was an old lady who swallowed some leaves

在这个故事里,老太太吞下了衬衫、南瓜、棍子、裤子,绳子以及一些稻草。然后呢,就像从一开始就预测到的,老太太真的打喷嚏了。她把已经吞下的东西伴随着一个大大的“啊啾!”全部吐了出来。小读者终于在结尾发现了为什么老太太会吞下所有这些奇怪的东西 —— 他们拼到一起成为了秋天的稻草人。



YCIS Qingdao Trip【红砖绿瓦 碧海青岛】



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