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Education is always the buzz word in everywhere in the world. We are very proud that we could be a multi educational service provider for our clients, especially for schools not only in China but also abroad. We hope we could be a bridge and help more and more children, students, teachers and schools to know each other further and well through the means of international culture, arts and education exchanges.

Our customers continue to tell us that our value is far better than they imagined. This means a lot, especially from first-time partners and clients. And so we're especially excited to share all those new experiences and stories in our school services. We hope you'll join us soon and also experience firsthand the very best services value around.

Please feel free just call us if you have any questions about our programs or service. We PERSONALLY answer our phones and emails and are glad to provide any information you may need or respond to questions your may have. We pride ourselves on our prompt service and excellent programs.


Our mission is to be the key voice of international school education services and become the top-class suppliers in the relative areas in China DO upon the theme. As a freshman in fields, each member in our group is diligently with the spirit of profession, sincerity, cooperation and respect. Relentlessly pursuing performance excellence, and providing the best products and services for our clients is our unchangeable goal.


Our Staff

Xiaohai Feng

Xiaohai Feng

Director of the Dragon Show, Xiaohai, FENG, a nineteen-year veteran, always try the best to lead the Dragon Show to be the best program provider. Xiaohai also does most of the program designing and scheduling for our trips and performers, and most importantly, finds the great people each year that do the trips, assemblies and cooperation with the company offer the best services for clients.



Yidi Zhao

Yidi Zhao

To be a professional graphic designer, Yidi zhao, an enthusiastic individual, join the Dragon Show nearly 8 years. Yidi had ever joined many grand graphic design activities and now mainly focus in Chinese culture and arts exhibitions for school life. Also present kinds of imaginations for colorful China trips designs.



Qiuying Du–Christine

Qiuying Du–Christine

Christine, lively, enthusiastic, is in charge of the ECA (ASA) programs in the company when she came in the early of 2012.At the end of 2012, she leaded the Chinese acrobatics team to America showing, reaching at almost 25 States, nearly 350 primary and middle schools.


活泼,热情的新生力量,2012年年初加入我公司,主要负责ECA (ASA)项目。2012年年末带领中国杂技团队赴美进行巡回演出,走访美国近25个州,访问近350所中小学校。

Zhiyong Chen – Alex

Wenwen Gao—Anne

To be the administrative manager , Anne is responsible for all the daily administrative work and necessary support ,as well as coordinate management in the office. She makes positive regulations for the team and supervises to carry it out.




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We have been providing programs to schools in China and US for over 10 years. We do Education through Entertainment!!!


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