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The Dragon Show Culture & Arts Exchanges Co. Ltd as well as The Dragon Show International Travel Service INC. offers a wide range of K-12 School ASA Programs, School Educational Trips, and School Assemblies China nationwide and North America. Our mission is to be the key voice of international school and public school education services and become the top-class suppliers in the relative areas in China DO upon the theme. Relentlessly pursuing performance excellence, and providing the best products and services for our clients is our unchangeable goal.

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  • The Keystone Academy Winter Wonderland【鼎石圣诞嘉年华活动】


    DragonShow team organized Winter Wonderland activity for the Keystone Academy on December 17. The theme of the activity is about Winter and Christmas, so we picked the suitable crafts for this event. They are: The Snowman Doll from Creative Fashion Course, The Stick Puppets from Magic Paper Course, Felt & Pine Cone Elves from Gardening Adventure Course, Christmas Snow Globe from Scenery Bin Course, Christmas Card from Magic Paper Course, Plate Wonder from the charming Celadon Course, Clay Christmas Tree from the Crazy Clay Course, Christmas Balls from Children Painting Course. All the Children did it by themselves, and everyone made their crafts.

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  • Trip Review - Culture Explore【旅行精彩回顾-文化体验】


    Review this year, every trip left a deep impression for us, the following is the cultural experience from every places.


    中国传统文化 — 文房四宝之 “笔”与“墨”。著名的胡开文墨厂和杨文笔庄,亲手制作属于自己的毛笔和墨

    Experiences of the Chinese traditional “scholar's four jewels”, hands-on learning fun in the Hu Kai Wen Hui Ink Stick Factory and Yang Wen Brush Workshop.



    Special Hakka local highlights - Making Ci Ba, the famous puppet workshop with hand-on fun and Homemade Dou Fu experiences

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We have been providing programs to schools in China and US for over 10 years. We do Education through Entertainment!!!


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