The Fabulous Chinese Acrobats

Each year we bring new groups of Chinese acrobats complete with new routines within China and from China to the United States. Your students will still see some of their favorite routines, such as: contortion ns, plate spinning, foot juggling, Chinese yo-yo, and group acrobatics. An interpreter accompanies the group to enrich each assembly with facts about Chinese culture and customs. This is always the fabulous experiences for your students and your school.

Chinese acrobatics ranks among the best in the world thanks to its long history, rich repertory and distinctive artistic characteristics. It has maintained a strict master-apprentice system and has been closely related to other forms of the performing arts. It is an art that was handed down from one generation of a family to another, as well as from master to apprentice. Acrobats in the old society led miserable lives, but never treated their profession lightly. Instead, they managed to pass their skills onto the right people and would rather die of hunger than pass their skills onto an outsider in a rash moment. Acrobatic performances through the ages have incorporated the many strong points of other performing arts such as traditional opera, dance and martial arts, and have in return provided the latter with inspiration.

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Fabulous Chinese Acrobats

Price: 8000RMB up for a 45 minutes show
Program Level: K-12
Type: Multi-Cultural; Acrobatics; Physical Education
Location: Mainly Beijing Area and Performing tour in US
Available for: 2014 – 2015

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Words from Clients

This is by far one of the best assemblies our school has ever witnessed. This group brought us an authentic representation of Chinese culture and an excellent acrobatic display.
Kellogg Marsh Elementary - Marysville, WA
This was truly one of the most exciting programs ever presented in our town. Adults as well as children enjoyed the presentation. The performers were warm and personal and the kids went wild. I would recommend this program to everyone.
Mexia High School - Mexia, TX 展开...

One of the best performances we have ever had at our school. Our children and staff were captivated by the superb performance of the young Chinese acrobats. We are looking forward to a repeat performance this March. I would recommend them to ANYONE.
Carman Roads School - Massapequa Park, NY
This was the best program we have had from the Bureau of Lectures. The Chinese troupe was professional in every way. The performance was well received by our students and staff. This was the most talented group of acrobats we have ever had. Our students and staff thank you.
North West Elementary - Pikeville, NC
This was an absolutely incredible program. Our students were fascinated, intrigued, and amazed. Our teachers were impressed and all enjoyed the show. Thank you so much!
Bennetts Valley Elementary - Weedville, PA
I am writing on behalf of the students and faculty at Mt. View Elementary in Antioch, Tennessee;the acrobats were absolutely amazing! Our principal, Dr. Fowler, very quickly proclaimed them to be the best in-school assembly to ever come to our school; the students will talk about it for years to come! One of the art teachers and myself took a class on Asia over the summer and jumped at the opportunity to have them as soon as we read that there was a late-opening date available, each of us contributing $300 of our own money to assure they came. Thank you for making this performance possible!
Linda Lee Friend, Music Specialist

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