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Dealing with a discerning diner

 Do you have a picky eater? Here’s how to take the food fights out of mealtimes.

Education at Home: Positive Parenting

There’s a lot your child will learn in the classroom, but they’ll rely on you to build their self esteem, teach them to set and work toward realistic goals, cope with failure and approach new situations with self confidence. Although your approach will change as your child ages, adhering to the basic principles of positive parenting will go a long way.

Giving Guide - Gift Ideas For Any Party

Are you having trouble coming up with gift ideas for a special little one? Peruse our gift-giving index for inspiration. Whether it’s the holiday season, your little tyke’s birthday or an event for family or friends, our list of suggestions is sure to fuel the fires of your imagination. 

How to talk to your younger child about sex

Really, really young isn't too young to talk about "it"?

Does homework really work?

After decades spent trying to assess the value of homework,researchers still argue over the simplest findings.

Japan scientists test tether to clear up space junk

Tokyo (AFP) - Japanese space scientists are set to trial a tether they hope will help pull junk out of orbit around Earth, clearing up tonnes of planetary clutter, they said Thursday.

Graphic on debris and defunct space hardware that currently orbit the earth (AFP Photo/Adrian Leung/ …


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